Do you know a narcissist?

I'm sure everyone has a narcissist in their life, the question is, how to identify one. There are many signs of someone being a narcissist. This should help you to easily identify if someone in your life is a narcissist. It can be hard to determine if someone close to you is one; love or better yet, the idea of love will blind you from truly seeing.
Conversation hoggers
A narcissist is conceited. They'll talk about themselves in every way in a conversation. They will hardly let you talk, and when, and when they do, if you're not in agreement with them, they will belittle you or your opinion is dismissed or ignored. They always have to feel like they know more.
Always Interrupts
Everyone has that little bad of interrupting in a conversation, but a narcissist will interrupt and quickly change the topic to themselves and genuinely has no interest in what you said.
Breaks Rules
They hate following rules, guidelines, or a schedule. They will break appointments often. They don't …

Dear Present Broken Self...

Dear Present Broken Self,
I know You've been through hell and back and then hell and back again. I know you've been feeling broken lately and have had a hard time trusting anyone, so I am here to tell you that you will be alright. You are strong, remember that. You are worth it. Don't let the cruel actions of others make you question your self-worth. You do not control what others do, so don't blame yourself for their actions. Don't think you did something wrong because others decided to hurt you and betray your trust for their own selfish  reasons, they choose to do that, not you. Only take what you can handle. Only fix what you think has a chance. Don't let anyone influence your choices. Those are your decisions. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for a choice you made that you felt was right for you. Don't let anyone or their actions define who you are or who you strive to be, unless it's beneficial to you. Don't let anyone take advantage of y…

Why Honesty Is ALWAYS Important.

The last few months, the act of being honest has been such an issue for the people in my life. I cannot begin to express what this dishonesty has done to me. I cannot begin to express what dishonesty has caused me to lose. I've been hurt to where it feels like there is no return; no way to feel whole again. Here is a list of why honesty is ALWAYS important, no matter what.
1.) Without honesty, there is no foundation for any relationship, weather that be with friends or a significant other. Meaningful words such as "I love you" become a lie when the relationship has no honesty.
2.) When people don't know the truth, they will try and guess what you're not being honest about. This causes gossip which generates more lies.
3.) No one is a mind reader. Be honest about how you feel. Be honest to the people who hurt you. Sometimes, they may not realize that hurt you.
4.) Although truth can be painful and hard to tell, it's often less painful than the concealment of truth…

Dear Ignorant Woman In Line Behind me,

Dear Ignorant woman in line behind me, I heard you bad mouth that mom and her two kids in the checkout stand in the grocery store the other day. I heard you judge and criticize her because her two kids were crying. I noticed that you had your child who isn't that young anymore with you. So, now I have to ask... What makes you a better mom than her?! What gave you the right to belittle her in public for everyone else to hear you?! Do you know this mom's life? What she's been dealing with or going through now? What makes you think you can tell her how to parent HER KIDS?! It's obvious that she's already struggling at the checkout stand, trying to checkout and pay while trying to calm her kids down. She's already embarrassed and you just made it worse by being uncompassionate and just ignorant. If you see another mom struggling in the grocery store or wherever, offer your assistance like a decent human being. If you can't do that and only have unhelpful and ign…

Thursday How-To's: How To Overcome Writers Block.

I'm sure all you other bloggers can totally relate to this 100%. When I go to my computer to blog, sometimes I am struck with major writers block. I'll sit there for an hour just thinking what to blog about. Some days are great, and I am just bursting with ideas, and other days I got absolutely nothing. This had lead to inconsistency when it comes to my blog, which we bloggers know is not a good thing. Here's some tips to help avoid writers block.
Write Them All Down On your good days where you are just exploding with ideas, write them all down with the incentive of writing all of these blogs for the week. Seriously, this helps. I have to do it. Write even the words you think of that pertain to a topic that you want to write, down in your notebook. Read Other Blogs I'm not saying go and steal someone's ideas, but reading other blogs has given me ideas for topics related to the posts I've read. It also helps you to expand your content ideas. It'll give you ideas…

Wellness Wednesday: Cutting Soda.

We all have something we're hooked on and they may not always be the best for us. Mine was soda. I swear, soda was running through my veins because of how much I was drinking. If I didn't drink at least 3 soda's a day, I would get caffeine withdrawal headaches. After I had my daughter, drinking as much soda as I was started making me sick. I got dehydrated really fast and just felt gross. I knew I needed to cut down but it was hard for me to do that because of the headaches I got. I'm not much of a juice drinker and water is just to plain for me, even flavored water. Here's the breakdown:
Substitution I knew I couldn't just stop drinking soda cold turkey, so I started substituting it with Gatorade. Instead of drinking 3 soda's a day, I cut it down to one soda a day and then Gatorade the rest of the day. The Gatorade kept me hydrated and made me feel less gross. Consistency I kept doing this. As badly as I wanted more soda, I stuck with Gatorade. Soda made me fee…

What A Mom Wishes Others Understood.

When we become a mom, our entire life changes. Literally, everything, right down to the way we think. That's a huge change. Although becoming a mom is the best thing ever, it can certainly be emotionally altering. Postpartum depression can occur in many women after they give birth. This makes everything much more difficult. It makes simple things seem impossible. A lot of people who aren't parents don't understand what postpartum depression can do to a mom. Here's what we wish everyone else would understand when it comes to our crazy mom life.
We want to be friends still, we promise Yes, we cancel plans a lot. Sometimes for legitimate reasons and sometimes just because we are too physically or emotionally exhausted to leave the house. We are just so busy pretty much 24/7. We rarely sleep. We probably don't eat 3 meals a day like we're suppose to. We are just emotionally, physically and mentally tired, so please don't give up on us. Our babies are our best achi…