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SUNDAY SARCASM. Handling Toddler Tantrums.

Toddler tantrums are fun, right? Especially when they decided that PUBLIC is the best place to have one. I have a few tips for you all on how to handle said tantrums.

Tantrums at home:
Hide. Just take some wine and hide in a closet.Give them sleepy nighttime cough medicine. Hello Naptime. Turn the music up really loud. If you can't hear them screaming, there's no problem. Stick them in a closet.Tantrums at the grocery store:
Leave them in the toy isle and continue shopping. Take a friend shopping with you and then leave her with your toddler.Or, you can leave them with the cashier and claim you have forgotten something and you'll be back real quick and then walk to the complete back of the store.Tantrums at church:
Claim they are possessed. Just tell yourself and everyone who is judgmentally staring at you that your toddler is just so excited about God. Get buzzed before church so you won't really care too much if they do throw a tantrum.Hand them to anyone there. No one i…

THURSDAY-HOW-TO- How to organize your toddler's rooms made easier.

We all know that our little's have way more toys than really necessary than we'd like to admit. Hence why those toys are always all over the place. Yesterday, I spent about two hours organizing my girls room-stuffed animals, toys and clothes. My girls have a truck load of stuffed animals and just like three months ago, I got rid of an entire trash bag of them. It's like they multiplied. I'm going to have to do it again, but my step daughter saw the trash bag full the last time and now anytime I go in their room, she watches me like a hawk. LOL

There are a ton of things around your house that work perfectly for organizing your toddlers rooms. Why buy all those storage containers if you don't have to? I mean, their toys aren't going to stay in them that long anyways, right? lol.
Organizing Tools around the house:
1. Ice cream containers work great for smaller toys, such as Trolls characters and doll house accessories.
2. Popcorn tins that you get at Christmas time…

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: 7 Foods you didn't know were actually good for you.

We all try to cut out the foods that we think are bad for us, but what we may not realize is those foods might actually be good for us. That's right, there are some Junk foods that actually have major health benefits! You may not have to give it up after all. You're welcome. I have listed my favorites, but there are a TON more.

I personally don't like coffee, but all of my mom friends live by it. YES! Coffee is actually good for you. Researchers at Harvard have found that people who drink one to four cups a day. has a lower risk of morality. There is also no increased risk of morality for coffee drinkers of 5 or more cups a day.
Coffee is good for colon cancer recovery. Studies have shown that drinking coffee while recovering from colon cancer seemed to improve the chances of a full recovery.
Studies have also shown that drinking coffee lowers the risk of diabetes.  There ya go. Coffee is basically a vegetable.

Now, I love chocolate. Who doesn't? Chocolat…

Mom Of Month.

Hey all, Let me explain what Mom of the month and Person of the month is and why I do it these posts. So, the reason I started doing these is because people inspire me. They inspire me to be better- a better Mom and person in general. Their stories of triumph and hardships inspire me. Their true kindness inspires me. All of this deserves recognition  and to let them know that they are an amazing individual, person and parent. I do it because they deserve to be told that they are an inspiration. I can't tell you how many times I could of used kind words, so that's why I do this!
My Mom of the Month is F. (Keeping identity private) I got the pleasure of meeting F about a month or so ago. We've talked quite a bit and I also got the pleasure of getting to know her a little bit and how inspirational and strong she is. I interviewed her and asked her some question and followed my questions are her responses.

 1. Introduce yourself and your family. (You don't have to use real n…

Where do you blog?

I've always been curious where everyone blogs at. Do you do it at home, sitting at your desk, drinking coffee or do you blog sitting on the toilet because you are hiding from your kids? (I've done this numerous times. I have No shame.) Do you have set times and days when you blog or do you just wing it?
It's almost impossible for me to sit down at home and blog with two little girls. I feel like I'm always busy...busy stopping one girl from being stingy with toys, busy constantly being the snack lady and then wasting said snacks, busy cleaning yogurt off the kitchen table because my youngest would rather finger paint with it than eat it, bust explaining to my 4 year old for the THIRD time why she isn't going to waste food that she so desperately wanted that she actually likes, busy constantly pulling my 2 year old off the second shelf of our book case... Just always busy and constantly running, running, running.
I lose my train of thought when it comes to trying to b…

SUNDAY FUNNIES: Eliminating Your Laundry Piles.

Being mothers, we are always cleaning up after our litters and everyone else in our household, but the one thing we do more than anything else is laundry. It's never-ending. We wash one load and two more loads pop up. Sometimes I think I have 4 extra kids somewhere in hiding that only come out to dirty more clothes. Half the time, it's my husband who will leave his clean clothes on the floor with his dirty ones, forgetting which ones are clean and dirty, thus creating more dirty laundry.
My daughter likes to pull all her clean clothes out of her dresser and do various things with them, such as wear them, clean something up with them, wipes her nose with them and so forth, thus creating more laundry! See, this is exactly why it's never-ending!
Here are 4 solutions to your massive, never-ending laundry piles.
Go green and recycle... Just spray those dirty clothes with Fabreeze and just stick them right back in the closets and dressers. They won't even notice. Heck, …

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: 8 AWESOME Benefits of eating Avocados!

Here is something y'all probably didn't know about me... I LOVE Avocados! Like really Love them! I eat them on almost everything and by themselves. I use avocado shampoo/conditioner and lotion. I love the smell and would so buy an avocado air freshener if there was one. Avocados has many benefits to your health and beauty that you'll want to eat them everyday.
1. Rich in nutrients Avocados are an incredibly rich source of nutrients and offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving. We all need our vitamins, right?
2. Manage your weight A study has shown that eating just half an avocado with lunch helps overweight people feel satisfied  and full for longer after eating.
3. Prevent Diabetes Avocados help regulate blood sugar levels, which reduces the risk of diabetes.
4. Eye Health A study has shown that avocados are the best source of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which is good for your eye health!
5. Skin & Hair With healthy fats and inflammation fighting properties, avacad…